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Yes, love this doll, pussy is so sweet. Sometimes I set it in my kitchen and act like it’s real and cream pie her, sometimes I leave it in the living room but I’ve been close to getting caught by my mom. Otherwise great doll, doesn’t disappoint. Material on this doll is great. I had some silicone dolls before that is a little bit hard to the touch. This, however, is soft and realistic. I love to stay with her all the time.

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[block id=”blogads”] From licking your toes to licking your arm pits. Note that this cage is suitable for experienced users and should be removed immediately after use. I feel like I’m touching the body, including the sex organs. NOTE: I’m going to give an anime girl sex doll disclaimer though (for this and all other sex toys in this article) I haven’t tried them and I can’t promise they’re made from the body – they came from safe materials or reputable vendors. People say how soft it is (and it might be silicone), I keep thinking about some jelly. Be […]

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Yes, the vendor is trustworthy. After I had to throw away my old real doll after years of using her, I was on the search of a new sex doll. I didn’t want to pay a lot and I came across these Chinese TPE dolls. I was afraid that they will be worse than what I had before, but it turns out that this doll is even better. very good quality and the waiting time is not long at all!

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Yes, this is one of my favorites, if not my most favorite toy out of all that I have. The weight to this toy helps a lot with that. The quality is excellent and the textures are as good as the real thing. The body is extremely sexy and the breasts are the perfect size for squeezing. The cleaning is the most troublesome part but it doesn’t affect the quality of this product. Can’t go wrong with this site!